The Pioneer of Vertical Media

Among the top 100 online properties in the UK, Glam Media  ranks in the top ten. Our unique Vertical Media approach combines the right audience with the right content at the right time to create interactive brand experiences online you won’t find anywhere else.  Built on a growing portfolio of influential publishers, Glam Media gives advertisers interested in building brand equity online an effective way to engage with a growing audience of more than 20 million women and men a month (comScore January 2011).

Our collective voice of 200+ publishers in the UK — along with 1800+ sites and blogs in the US, Germany, France and Japan — has built a vertical community that has propelled us to number one in Lifestyle and Style in the UK. In addition, we are number two in the Family and Entertainment channels and number one in Lifestyle for men.

Our powerful new ad-serving platform, GlamAdapt, helps brands make a measurable impact online by providing behavioral targeting and audience insight while delivering innovative, custom ad units that can be designed to integrate with select publishers.

In a nutshell…

  • Glam Media UK is number one in Lifestyle for Women and Men
  • 20 million unique users in the UK – that’s nearly one in two people in the UK are touched by Glam Media each day
  • Top 8 web property in the UK, larger than sites such as DMTG and Tesco (comScore, July 2011)
  • Glam Media has a worldwide reach of more than 200 million unique users a month
  • Glam Adapt- designed to deliver high impact campaigns across distributed media sources and multiple digital channels
  • IASH certified


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