Running ads on your site is a big commitment. Your blog is your space — your baby. You’ve spent a lot of time perfecting it and making it a place of your own. When you run ads, you are in essence “renting out” real estate on your blog to a sponsor. Glam Media recognizes this commitment, and will take very good care of your space. And you’re in good company. The Glam Media Publisher Network gets over 180 million unique users worldwide each month. (The ads are nice looking, too.) Joining the Glam Media Publisher Network can help raise your profile, while making your passion for publishing pay as well.

Gain a partner. We want your site to be successful; to that end, we feature publishers on our owned and operated sites, share information about our publisher community and are always available to help. Focus on being a really good publisher, and let us know if we can help in any way.

Monetise your blog. With Glam Media, we offer the opportunity to showcase more valuable and creative ad units that speak to your audience and help you earn a higher (premium) CPM than the industry standard. The amount you earn is based on traffic, so as your site grows, your revenue will too.

Plug into a larger community. As a publisher, you are often a one-person show, having to be your own reporter, editor, IT support and marketer. Glam Media offers you access to a wider community of expertise and resources. This could include workshops, tech support and network- ing events. You will be introduced to publishers outside your channel too as Glam Media represents other publishers in multiple verticals including style, living, family, wellness and entertainment.

Work with a top publisher. Glam Media ranks #1 in lifestyle and style and #2 in family and entertainment sites (according to comScore). That is cool.

Be associated with the best. Glam Media only works with premium brands that help make your site a premium destination.

Have some control over your ads. The Glam Media Publisher Network provides tools such as filters to help you refine the ads that appear on your site. You don’t want to advertise alcohol or tobacco, no problem. You can keep those ads off your site. You don’t want to support a political agenda — you can opt out of political ads. We provide an open and transparent environment to help meet your needs.

Have fun and enjoy being a publisher. Being an online journalist is supposed to be fun and with Glam Media you will have access to industry events where you can meet other publishers, explore possibilities with sponsors and even enjoy occasional freebies.


  • Are you a blogger, indie publisher, or media property that focuses on lifestyle, cooking, design, fashion, beauty, or other topics primarily geared toward men or women?
  • Do you believe in the value of brand engagement and quality-based advertising?
  • Do you prefer to write your content rather than deal with ad operations for your site?

If you answer yes to these questions, then partner with Glam Media might be right for you. Contact us for more information or sign up.


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